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Welcome to Fun 4 Miami Kids! Fun 4 Miami Kids is the ultimate resource for finding fun stuff to do with kids in the Miami, Florida area. Miami has SO much to offer for young children, but much of it is not advertised, and many activities and businesses do not even have a website, so kids and their caregivers often find out about them through word-of-mouth or just happen to discover things on their own.

Anaily and Alexander

Anaily and Alexander

We are Anaily and Alexander, the proud owners and operators of Fun 4 Miami Kids! We have being living in the Miami area for more than 15 years. Together we have 2 beautiful kids, Alayssa and Alex, and two more girls from Alexander’s side.

Ever since my daughter was a toddler, it felt like a part time job trying to find cool and new places in the city. Trying to find out about seasonal events, before they made it to our social media’s feeds so we could attend. I spent many hours in this mission, and visited way too many sites advertising events calendars, which ended up being out dated. I resulted to following as many accounts as I discovered for attractions, and events, all to make sure I would find out on time when the next event was taking place.

Always wondering why there wasn’t a single site, which would list all events coming up, which was actually current. Wishing I could find a site which would list all kids-friendly places and events, and be current! Thanks to “mind reading” social media, I came across Fun 4 US Kids! That is how Fun 4 Miami Kids became a lifesaver. A single site, which makes it easy to find all the fun places, attractions, and seasonal events around town! A comprehensive site for everything kids related, and always maintained up to date.

Miami is a great and very active city. Awesome places and events can be found in every corner, on any given day. However, because it is such a big and diverse area, it becomes difficult to be “in the know.” This is particularly true for kids’ activities, which are not as widely advertised.

Fun4MiamiKids.com is the ultimate FREE online results for the whole family, and community to conveniently and easily find activities, programs, business, places and events in the Miami area, including surrounding cities.

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